Hoolock Consulting

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Hoolock Consulting sells geoscience technology and data on behalf of a number of providers.  These are:

  • Geophysical Insights - multi-attribute analysis with machine learning

  • Geocap - Seismic data visualisation in ArcGIS

  • Geoscience Software - geology and petrophysics well interpretation



Our sales consulting is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams based on the products and services that they are selling. 

We support sales teams in all areas of their work, such as developing a sales strategy and building a sales process.

We also provide sales training based on these specific processes to improve the skills of the sales team. This includes presentation skills and sales negotiation.

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Lead Generation

All businesses need to create opportunities and close sales to survive.  Of course, not all opportunities can be successfully closed.  It may require 2-3 leads to create one opportunity and 2-3 opportunities to close one sale.  As a result, the continuous generation of leads is a requirement for any successful company.

We provide a lead generation service that identifies the best customers and best opportunities for your business, then looks for these types of opportunities and validates them.