Hoolock Consulting

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Hoolock Consulting sells geoscience technology and data on behalf of a number of providers.  These are:

  • Geophysical Insights - multi-attribute analysis with machine learning

  • Geocap - Seismic data visualisation in ArcGIS

  • Perigon - well data management and visualisation

  • ArkCLS - seismic inversion

  • Geoscience Software - geology and petrophysics well interpretation



Our sales consulting is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams based on the products and services that they are selling.  We believe that training is only truly effective if it supports the specific work that you are doing. 

This means that training is focussed not only on your products but on your sales process, which has been specifically designed to sell your products as efficiently and effectively as possible.



For small companies, with no dedicated sales team, the responsibility for sales falls to everyone.  Quite often, these people have been employed for their specific talents, not their sales ability.  As a result, they need coaching and mentoring to support them while they learn this part of their role.

We provide training and mentoring services for small companies which are designed to help them with this.  We build sales strategies based on their products and services; we build sales processes based around how they want to work.  Our aim is to make the company much more effective at finding and closing business.