We make lots of presentations but they go no further than that

We believe that there are two types of presentations, sales presentations and marketing presentations.  They are both equally valid but serve a different purpose and come at different stages of the sales process.

Marketing presentations come early in the sales process and are for information purposes only.  They are there to inform the customer of what you do.  We liken these presentations to opening a shop window - they are there to tell everyone what you do but with the knowledge that most people will just walk on by.  They can be used effectively to create a discussion with the customer to try to determine if they do have problems that your solution can solve but with a fairly low success rate.  If a customer does have the problem, then you can progress through the sales process and find out more about it.

Sales presentations come towards the end of the sales process.  At this stage, you should already have determined the customers problems and delivered a proposal.  The client should have made an emotional commitment to the solution.  The purpose of the presentation is now to provide the logical validation of the client's emotional decision.  You are providing the proof that your solution can do what you have claimed it can do.  The presentation should be written specifically for this client.   After the presentation, you should be seeking the client's commitment to purchase.

Unless you have completely understood the client's problems, then you can only ever make a marketing presentation.  You need to determine their needs through questioning before you make a proposal and before you ever make a presentation.  Expecting a marketing presentation to create a sale is unrealistic. 

Two of our training modules may help:

Sales Presentations Skills

Needs Identification

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