My clients seem to lose interest during my presentations

Maintaining interest during a presentation can be difficult, particularly with dry, technical subjects.  There are two main reasons why your client may not seem all that interested.

Firstly, you may not be talking about something that's relevant or particularly useful to them.  This is generally because you have not determined the customer's specific needs in advance.  If your first encounter with the customer includes a presentation, then it can only be a general marketing presentation that may not address their specific needs.  This may easily lead to the customer starting to lose interest.  In general, sales presentations should come towards the end of the sales process, after you have submitted a proposal.  At this stage, you should have a clear understanding of the the customer's problems and how you are going to solve them.  You presentation is simply the proof that you can do what you claim and the client will be interested as the presentation is specific to them.

Even when presenting highly relevant material, maintaining attention can still be difficult.  Most people's attention starts to wander after about 10-15 minutes.  To counter this, it helps to structure your presentation so that you are regularly attracting the attention of the audience.  for each section of the presentation, try to have some interesting story or analogy to introduce it.  This will create immediate interest and bring everyone's attention back to the main topic.

Mastering presentations takes time and practice.  A typical training course will be 2-3 days to give everyone the chance to understand the process, develop their ideas and practice presenting.  We can deliver such courses, tailored to your business, as required.

Two of our training modules may help:

Sales Presentation Skills

Needs Identification

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