Building a Sales Strategy

A sales strategy is very important for every sales team to have in order to ensure that the sales resources are optimally used.  It is different, although aligned, with a sales plan.   Your strategy is what you want to do and your plan is how you will do it.

An effective sales strategy is an essential part of any business plan.  It ensures that you use resources optimally and that the approach is coordinated across the business.  It needs to be based on clear objectives and the market where you are working.

The essential elements of a sales strategy are:

  1. The background and motivation for developing one

  2. Understanding what you are selling

  3. Understanding what the value to the customer is

  4. Understanding the potential issues that a customer may be facing that would require your solution

  5. Why should the customer change?

  6. What does the market look like?

  7. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  8. Define a set of target customers

  9. Define the proof that you can do what you claim that you can

From there, you can define a sales plan to go to achieve this.  The plan should be forward looking and include a series of actions for people to take, with clear milestones to achieve them by.

We have many years of experience in building sales strategies and can help you to define one that works for your business.  Please Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.