Sales Articles

These are some longer articles that we have written that we hope are useful. We add new ones regularly so please come back and look again.

The 3 Components of Successful Selling

For a sales person operating in the digital information age, where the customer is highly knowledgeable about the products and services on offer, there are three key things that they need to establish.  Trust, Needs and Value.

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What sales managers should really care about.

For most of my sales life, I’ve been judged almost exclusively by the revenue I have generated for the company where I was working.  However, my own philosophy was always somewhat different.  I have always believed that if you did the right things for a customer, then business would come your way.  However, you had to be out meeting with customers on a regular basis in order for this to be effective and I was forever urging my teams to “get out and meet people”!  It is only in the last few months that I have seen this defined as sales activity management.

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Five ways to improve the quality of your meetings

I have worked in companies where it felt like we had meetings just for the sake of having meetings.  Meetings can be extremely valuable but, if not planned for, can be a terrible waste of time.  As a sales person, the last thing you want to do is to waste the time of your client.  There are certain things that you should do in advance of and during any meeting to ensure that they are of high quality, both for you and your client. 

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How to get through the front door

Cold callers always tend to call me about the same time, about 6.15pm, just as I am in the middle of making dinner.  What is more irritating, is that they just presume that they have the right to talk to me and frequently launch into their script without pausing for breath.  They make no effort to establish any credibility, they don’t even ask if its convenient.  Not surprisingly, I’m not that inclined to talk to them. 

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