Regional Interpretation Projects

There is a large quantity of freely available seismic and well data in Norway.  However, like all “free” data, it is not always in the best condition to build a coherent interpretation from.  By combining all of the data into a single, consistent dataset, a much better understanding of the area can result.

KADME, CAMA GeoScience, SXICOM and Hoolock Consulting have teamed up to provide interpretation teams with smooth and rapid access to data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  The matched and merged continuous datasets are being put together by high-profile industry experts with extensive experience of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  To extend coverage and maximize value, each dataset will feature merged 2D/3D seismic data, velocity models, structural, fault, well interpretations and core sample analysis. 

The packages contain:

  • 3D surveys merged into one - 25m x 25 m grid
  • 2D surveys
  • All seismic data matched and merged into a supergrid
  • Velocity data provided as a 1000m × 1000m grid and every 100 ms
  •  Petrophysical (CPI) interpretation of exploration wells
  • Regional structural Interpretation

The packages will be completed and delivered in a staged process by area in the following sequence:

  • Barents Sea is complete and available
  • Norwegian Sea data is complete and available
  • North Sea will be completed during 2018.

Barents Sea package includes:

  • 15 3D surveys merged into one
  • 21 stranded 3D surveys
  • Over 2000 2D seismic lines
  • Consistent velocity grid
  • Petrophysical interpretation of 120 exploration wells
  • GIS project with associated map data

This package also includes detailed core analysis of petrophysical properties, mineralogy and textures using QEMSCAN for 11 wells.  


Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of the products listed here.