I  am not sure which customers I should be meeting with in the next six weeks

Working in sales requires a constant need to keep all parts of the sales process in progress.  This requires new customers to be found, new customers to be met with, existing customers to be met with, opportunities to be progressed and deals closed.  Only by working all elements in unison can a constant flow of business and revenue be maintained.  

It is not realistic to equally divide the working week into each stage of the sales process.  However, Friday afternoons are good for customer research and some needs identification.  The early part of the week is good for meetings so that you can follow up later in the week.  Try to ensure that you have meetings with new customers each week to generate new opportunities and continue to feed the opportunity pipeline.  

Identifying exactly which ones to meet should be part of the process by knowing what a good customer looks like in terms of their generic characteristics (location, size, type etc) and specific needs that match your solutions.  Bear in mind that only half of all customers might be considering a purchase at any time, these should be the focus for the majority of your time.  The remainder should be kept warm through social selling, marketing etc for the time that they do want to progress something.

Two of our training modules may help:

Customer Research

What does a good customer look like?

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