Tech Hub

Yesterday I spent half a day at which is a great place for start-ups and new companies to get going.  It is amazing to see what people are creating and also how different the world of work is for these companies.  I met with five start-ups to discuss their sales needs and to offer advice on their most pressing issues.  One thing that came up almost every session was how to get through the front door, which, interestingly, was my latest article for Sales Initiative, available here,  

Geophysical Insights

We are very excited to announce that Hoolock Consulting is representing Geophysical Insights on an exclusive basis in Europe.  Geophysical Insights are bringing a revolutionary new geophysical interpretation technology, Paradise, to the oil industry.  Paradise is a multi-attribute analysis software that uses machine learning processes to extract more information from the seismic response, even below seismic resolution. Using Paradise, interpreters are able to analyse multiple attributes simultaneously and calibrate results to wells quickly.   Hoolock Consulting will be promoting and selling the software throughout Europe in addition to delivering services using the technology.

Prospect Hospice

One of the founding principles of the company is to support a nominated charity each year.  We give a percentage of our total revenue to a specific charity at the end of the year.  In 2017, we have donated £300 to Prospect Hospice in Swindon.  This is a very personal charity for me as it is where my brother-in-law died last year.  They do a fantastic job at caring for terminally ill people and do it with grace and pleasure.  I'm delighted to be able to support them this year.

Sales Initiative

I am now a regular contributor to Sales Initiative.  You can see my latest article here,


Business Library Talk

I'm giving a talk at the City Business Library in London next Wednesday, 4th October, entitled "What does a good customer look like?".



Hoolock Consulting is very excited to announce that we have signed an agreement to become an authorised reseller of i-snapshot,   i-snapshot is the most accurate, powerful and easy to use app for sales reporting and management on a smart phone.  It is a proven technology that increases sales activity.  The increase in activity is generally greater than 20% or one free sales person for every five current ones which has a direct impact on revenues.

i-snapshot is different from other sales tools because it tracks activity rather than opportunity.  This makes it far more relevant to the work of the sales person as well as making it easy for the sales manager to track their effort.  What’s more, its simple and fast to use.  Each entry takes less than a minute to complete. 

i-snapshot will make sales teams smarter in how they spend their time as it collects and displays their activity in real time and in a simple way.  i-snapshot offered streamlined sales reporting and clarity of sales team activity.  Visibility of a team’s activities by their peers is proven to increase productivity. 

So, if you are interested in increasing the productivity of your sales team, please get in touch.

The Equation of Sales

We are very excited to release our new look website and to launch our unique new sales formulation, The Equation of Sales.

Trust x Needs x Value = Successful Selling

Before buying anything, the buyer has to trust that the product can do as it claims.  In business to business sales, this mostly means trusting the sales person.  No business buys something that they do not believe that they need.  Buyers can derive value in many different ways from a solution but they must derive some value, a return on their investment. 

Based on over 20 years of experience of selling high end technology solutions, the equation is a simple way of defining any sales opportunity.  No sale can happen without all three factors being present and it is the role of the sales person to ensure that they are. 

Hoolock Consulting works with technology and engineering companies to provide sales consultancy and training focussed on these three elements.  The training is built around the sales process and details the work that is required to build trust, find the need and determine the value for each customer.  All consulting and training is tailored to the specific needs of clients and the products and services that they provide. 

“We are really excited to launch our new look sales consulting and training programme.  We have worked hard to develop an understanding of the needs of our clients and think that this summarises our offering in a unique way.” Said Tim Gibbons, Managing Director of Hoolock Consulting.

For more information on the Equation of Sales and how it can help companies to improve their sales efficiency, please visit