Petex III

Petex is now less than a week away and I am both excited and nervous. Excited because getting out and meeting new clients is always good fun, nervous because of both the paper that I am giving and because I have invested a lot of time and money in the event. I am also giving away a free day of training / consulting for one company if they come to discuss their objectives with me.

My talk is at 3pm on Wednesday 28th November in the Main Auditorium. I hope to see you there!


We are going to have quite a presence at Petex this year.  We have booked a booth so will be exhibiting in the main hall.  I am also presenting  a paper, BIG DATA!  Can multiple seismic attributes and machine learning lead to better interpretation results?  An example from the North Sea.  We'll post more information about Petex as it gets closer.

EAGE Copenhagen

Hoolock Consulting will be attending the EAGE in Copenhagen from 11-14 June,  We will primarily be on the Geophysical Insights booth, number 1670.  

We look forward to seeing you there.

Seismic 2018

I enjoyed being at Seismic 2018 this week.  Lots of interesting presentations and discussions with oil companies.  It was a shame that not more of them were represented there.  only 51 out of 122 participants were from oil companies and 29 of those were from BP, Shell and Spirit Energy.  It would have been nice to see a few more represented there.

If you are interested to see the Hoolock Consulting techbyte, you can access the slides here

Seismic 2018

Hoolock Consulting will be exhibiting and presenting at Seismic2018,

The conference will cover Seismic Acquisition, Processing, Abandonment, Velocity Modelling and 4D Seismic along with a panel discussion on the Seismic Industry – Past, Present and Future. Keynote presentations will be given by Gunther Newcombe of the OGA and Ian Jones of ION. There will also be a series of short Techbyte presentations on both days, including our presentation on integrating surface and subsurface data using GeoCap's Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS.  


This week I spent two days learning how to use Paradise, the new software from Geophysical Insights.  Its AMAZING!  It has to power to completely change the way interpretation is done.  By using multi-attribute data, it can deliver a whole new level of detail from the seismic that has never been seen before.  It can help to reduce the risk of dry holes, it can delineate reservoir lithologies in great detail and it can dramatically improve the correlation between wells.  I'm so excited to be able to present this to customers to help them make better interpretations.

Tech Hub

Yesterday I spent half a day at which is a great place for start-ups and new companies to get going.  It is amazing to see what people are creating and also how different the world of work is for these companies.  I met with five start-ups to discuss their sales needs and to offer advice on their most pressing issues.  One thing that came up almost every session was how to get through the front door, which, interestingly, was my latest article for Sales Initiative, available here,  

Geophysical Insights

We are very excited to announce that Hoolock Consulting is representing Geophysical Insights on an exclusive basis in Europe.  Geophysical Insights are bringing a revolutionary new geophysical interpretation technology, Paradise, to the oil industry.  Paradise is a multi-attribute analysis software that uses machine learning processes to extract more information from the seismic response, even below seismic resolution. Using Paradise, interpreters are able to analyse multiple attributes simultaneously and calibrate results to wells quickly.   Hoolock Consulting will be promoting and selling the software throughout Europe in addition to delivering services using the technology.