Negotiation Sales Training

Negotiating is the penultimate stage of the sales process, coming just before the close.  It should not be confused with the close although, at the end of the negotiations, both sides should be happy with the agreed deal and closure just requires signatures and delivery.

Negotiation is the process of movement to reach an agreement that is fair to both sides.  We believe that this should be the easiest part of the sales cycle as both sides want a deal.  Indeed, the golden rule of negotiating is that people will not negotiate with you unless they believe that you can help them or hurt them.  

In this training, we look at the negotiation as part of the sales process.  We review the process of negotiation itself and what preparation is required in advance of starting the process.  The course is very interactive with exercises, videos and role plays used to support the learning.  At the end of the course, participants should:

  • Know what negotiation is and is not

  • Know what preparation is required to be done

  • Be able to define the variables in any negotiation and how to trade them

  • Understand their walk away position

  • Know what tactics might be used as part of any negotiation

  • Learn about their negotiating style

  • Know how to handle objections

  • Learn about the dirty tricks some people will try

  • Practice everything through role plays.

We generally deliver this as a two day course but it can be expanded or contracted as required.