Lead Generation

All businesses need to create opportunities and close sales to survive.  Of course, not all opportunities can be successfully closed.  It may require 2-3 leads to create one opportunity and 2-3 opportunities to close one sale.  As a result, the continuous generation of leads is a requirement for any successful company.

However, not every company has the resources required to be continually developing new leads.  In addition, lead generation is not easy.  It requires a company to build and cultivate multiple lead sources and it can be a painstaking, slow, and expensive process.  It also requires cold calling.  

Cold calling is one of the most difficult things for any sales person to do.  Indeed, very few actually enjoy it.  Added to that, outside of work, people are very unlikely to accept such calls which makes people reluctant to perform this activity.  However, within a B2B environment, few decision makers find them annoying and most will admit to having accepted meetings or attended events as a result of a cold call.  

As a result, many companies choose to outsource the task of finding new leads to a specialist lead generation service.  This is a reasonable approach for businesses that service horizontal markets, have thousands of potential customers or have relatively simple to understand products.

Subsurface analysis within the oil industry is a very technical discipline.  Finding leads and opportunities requires specialist knowledge which generally doesn’t exist within generic lead generation companies.  However, Hoolock Consulting is a specialist oil industry sales consultancy and can provide this service to companies who are looking to expand their business.

Our customers all need new business and are keen to expand.  However, they often lack the resources and skills to determine which are the right customers to target, who to target within those customers and what opportunities could be found within those customers.

Finding new opportunities requires:

1.       An understanding of the problems that need to be solved

2.       A quick and easy way of finding these problems

3.       A database of people to contact to discuss these issues

4.       The right ice-breaker to gain their attention

5.       The knowledge to validate the opportunity

Our service provides:

1.       The analysis required to know which companies and which opportunities to target

2.       The research required to find these potential opportunities

3.       Contact with each of these companies to validate the opportunity

We have access to a number of databases that can help us to identify potential opportunities and the right contacts to discuss them with.  As a result, our customers can quickly build a pipeline of new opportunities which they can then work to convert into sales.

If you would like to know more about this service, please get in touch.