Geoscience Articles

This is a collection of mainly geoscience articles that we hope you will find useful. We add to the collection on a regular basis so please come back and have another browse.

Self Organising Maps. Using Self-Organizing-Maps to Explore the Yegua in the Texas Gulf Coast. Download the article here.

Attribute Analysis Using Unsupervised Neural Networks. Analysis of Unconventional Resource using Inversion attributes and conventional seismic attributes. Download the case history here.

Sub-Seismic Resolution. the use of multiple attributes will be shown to enable interpretation below classic seismic tuning; download the article here.

Stratigraphic and Structural Resolution using Instantaneous Attributes on Spectral Decomp Sub-bands, Buda and Austin Chalk formations; download the article here.

Using Self-Organizing-Maps to Define Seismic Facies. Download the article here.

Multiple seismic attributes and machine learning improve geological understanding. This was the paper given at DigEx in Oslo in January 2019. You can download the presentation here.

Multi-Attribute Seismic Analysis. Application of Unsupervised Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis in Conventional and Unconventional Geologic Settings. Download the article here.