Geoscience Technology Sales

We provide a sales service to a number of companies who provide geoscience technology for improving the efficiency of subsurface teams.

Geophysical Insights

Geophysical Insights application, Paradise, is a multi-attribute analysis software that uses machine learning processes to extract more information from the seismic response, even below seismic resolution. Using Paradise, interpreters are able to analyse multiple attributes simultaneously and calibrate results to wells quickly.  Paradise can:

  • Identify thin beds below traditional seismic resolution

  • Discriminate DHIs in conventional reservoirs

  • Locate fracture trends and sweet spots in shale plays

  • Highlight changes in pore pressure related facies

  • Reveal geologic and stratigraphic features

  • Visualize thin beds and facies below seismic resolution

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GeoCap enables users to view seismic data within their GIS map.  This allows them to integrate all of their surface and subsurface data into a single view.  The GeoCap seismic server allows the data to be viewed through a browser from any location.  This provides companies with the capability to share data with partners, other offices etc for improved communication and knowledge sharing.  For more information, please click here.

Geoscience Software

GeoScience Software is a powerful, easy to use geotechnical software application for geologists and petrophysicists.  It was developed by geo-technical professionals rather than specialized computer programmers.  It is therefore designed to provide common workflows that geologists perform to develop their understanding of an area.  The product is constantly being developed with new updates issued every month.   For more information, please click here

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