Geocap for ArcGIS

With the release of Geocap for ArcGIS we provide a solution that is based on the ArcGIS platform and can address many of the common problems that organizations face in making data come together, thus facilitating collaboration and decision making. Specifically, Geocap for ArcGIS enables organizations to solve the following business problems:

Accurate Seismic Data Coverage: Seismic coverage is often represented with rectangular boundary boxes of seismic surveys. This does not give an accurate image of where you actually have seismic data. In many cases a seismic survey will have blank areas with no data. With Geocap for ArcGIS you can read exact outlines directly from SEG-Y files and manage accurate records of your seismic data in the relevant projections and coordinate systems.  Visualize the outlines together with all the relevant cultural data and add custom attributes
to enable analysis and reporting relevant to your needs.

Create and Visualize Subsurface Models: During the license application, and exploration phases, companies need to integrate all of their relevant data like seismic surveys, interpreted horizons, surfaces and wells with other cultural data in one common model for visualization and high-quality print or export to other systems or formats. Whether it is for the purpose for presentation, discussions, annotation and redlining or as part of the actual license application, Seismic Explorer helps you produce high-quality output of complex models.

Share and Collaborate around Subsurface Models: By using the built-in functionality of the Esri ArcGIS platform you can share collaborate around G&G data on the web and on mobile devices anywhere, without having to use expert systems and expensive interpretation packages.

With Geocap for ArcGIS, subsurface data like seismic, horizons and wells can be accessed from within the ArcGIS platform.

The Geocap for ArcGIS suite contains the products Geocap Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS and Geocap Seismic Server. These products extend ArcMap and ArcGIS for Server, respectively. Together they ensure a smooth flow of data from the desktop onto the server and different devices supported by the ArcGIS platform such as the web and handheld devices.

Customers that will benefit from using Geocap for ArcGIS are:

  • Oil & Gas companies: Companies owning or using seismic data for exploration purposes as well as managing license applications.
  • Multi-Client Seismic Survey companies: Companies having the need to keep accurate track of where they have seismic data and have sold data, where they should plan to invest in new surveys as well as presenting the areas and the datasets to potential clients.
  • Oil Service & Subsea companies: A lot of offshore operations and installations require the use of creating shared Earth Models combining shallow seismic survey data in combination with other datasets. Seismic Explorer enables you to combine seismic data with other subsea data like multibeam, seabed installations and infrastructure to create models for visualizations.

Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS

The Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS is an extension to ArcMap, enabling seismic data as an integrated and seamless data type within the ArcGIS system similar to what vector and imagery are today.  The extension works within ArcMap. It comes with a toolbar and its own toolbox with a set of geoprocessing tools that can either be invoked directly within ArcGIS Desktop, as part of geoprocessing script build in Model Builder or a Python script.  Seismic Explorer for ArcGIS enables the user to:

  • Read SEGY files into a geodatabase, including 2D and 3D data
  • Import horizons
  • Visualise the data
  • Create arbitrary seismic lines
  • Plan well trajectories
  • Integrate data from site surveys
  • View 3D subsurface models

Seismic Server

The Geocap seismic server enhances ArcGIS for Server with the capability to display all of the subsurface data, including seismic data and geological surfaces, in a Webmap.  This enables 2D and 3D data to be visualised anywhere via a web interface on any platform.  By leveraging the sharing and distribution capabilities of the ArcGIS platform the Geocap Seismic Server provides the following value propositions:

  • Seismic Server reduces the cost of expensive desktop software for the purpose of just viewing, annotating and collaborating around seismic and spatial data
  • Seismic Server increases team collaboration and productivity by enabling access to seismic data in the web browser to all project stakeholders
  • Seismic Server reduces the cost of data management by managing and distributing seismic data from the server on a central storage.


Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of the products listed here.