How many meetings should I have each week?

The right number of meetings is a function of the type of solution you are providing, the number of customers who are likely to buy that solution and the complexity of the sales process.  Finding the right number comes from experience and know how.  What is in no doubt is that the more meetings there are, the greater the volume of business achieved.

For small, transactional sales, a high number of meetings with numerous customers is required.  For large complex sales, then a smaller number of meetings with different customers is likely to be required although there will probably be a requirement to have more meetings with different people in each customer.  You should also ensure that you have a constant number of meetings planned.  As you finish each meeting, organise one more so that your "meeting bank" remains at the same level.  This will ensure that you are constantly uncovering the same number of opportunities each week.

To determine the right activity level, you need to have a strategy and plan.  A strategy is a solution to move from where you are now to where you want to be.  Your strategy does not specifically say how you will arrive at this end.  That is where your plan comes in.  An effective sales strategy is an essential part of building a growing business.  A well-thought out strategy lets you make the best use of limited resources and ensure a co-ordinated approach across the business.  We can help with building a sales strategy if you need.

Keeping track of your meetings and their outcomes allows you to learn from them to determine the best actions to achieve your goals and the quantity of work that is required to be successful.  This can provide you with the experience that is required to determine the right level of effort required.  The system needs to be simple to use and particularly simple to enter data.  This means that the sales person spends only a very short time entering data but can get the most benefit from it.  We can provide such a system, called i-Snapshot.

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