I don't understand why my customer doesn't want to buy my technology

People who have developed their technology from scratch implicitly understand why they developed it and how useful it is.  They identified a general need, developed a solution and are now promoting it.  In general, they are the best people to promote it because they understand why they developed it and will be the most enthusiastic presenters of it.  However, not everyone is so keen to adopt new technology or understands the need that the developer has identified.  This can lead to frustration on all sides.

Before meeting with any customer, its is important to understand what problems your product solves and what problems your customer has or might have.  These need to correlate otherwise its likely to be a fruitless meeting.  Hopefully you understand what your product does, the more difficult aspect is finding the customer's needs.

To do this, you have to firstly research what the customer is doing.  From there, form some ideas of their possible needs.  At that point, you can meet with the client and ask them more about their objectives and needs.  You should not be presenting the solution before you have established these needs and the match to your solutions.  If you cannot establish a need, then at this point, the customer doesn't qualify as a good customer.  

Two of our training modules may help:

Needs Identification

What does a good customer look like?

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