Sales Coaching

For many people, sales does not come naturally.  Some personalities are more suited to doing the activities required to sell than others. However, all companies need to sell their products and services in order to stay in business.  

Many companies employ dedicated sales personnel whose role it is to find new business.  For other companies, certain members of staff will conduct sales activity as part of their role.  However the activities are assigned, ensuring that the staff who do the work are appropriately skilled and motivated, is a requirement for every business.

All professional athletes have coaches to help them to improve their performance.  However, few business people use coaches to help them to improve their performance.  A coach can provide a neutral, objective perspective and can challenge people to try new approaches, behaviours and strategies. They are able to offer different tools, techniques and resources to support the individual.  They provide people with the opportunity to practise these techniques in a safe environment before deploying them in real situations. 

Hoolock Consulting provides a sales coaching service for people involved in sales activities.  We work on a one-to-one basis with assigned staff to develop their skills and improve their effectiveness in sales.  All of our work is tailored to the specific company and their products and services.  

We start by offering a free one-hour consultation to understand more about the company.  If, at the end of this hour, we don't think that we can help you or you don't want to continue, we can terminate the process there.  If we are both happy to carry on, then we will agree a plan to move forwards.  We start by having a one day session to review your sales strategy and process and determine the aspects of the work to focus on.  We then provide a series of coaching sessions over the course of a year to develop skills and new ways of working to improve sales effectiveness.

Throughout the year, we are also available for phone and email support, in between coaching sessions, to help with specific opportunities as required.

By the end of the year, personnel will have new skills and methods of working, and the confidence to use them, that will result in greater volumes of sales.

If you would like to arrange your free, one hour consultation, please sign up here.