Sales Coaching

For small companies, having a dedicated sales team is a luxury and quite often, a number of different people may be involved in the process, not all of whom are comfortable with the sales process and asking for money!  Many times, it is the founder of the company who is most involved in sales, particularly in the first few years of a company's existence.  This may be selling the business idea to financial institutions to raise capital or selling the product / service to businesses or consumers. 

However, the reason that someone starts a business is that they have a great idea or a specific skill that they want to exploit, not because they are great at sales.  Sales skills do not always come naturally to everyone and so support and coaching in sales techniques is a valuable investment that every business should consider making.  (Click here if you would like to assess your current sales skills.)  For companies that have been established for some time, there is often a  need to engage a sales coach.  New markets, new products or new staff are all good reasons to consider investing in appropriate sales coaching.

Hoolock Consulting offers a personal coaching service for small businesses looking to improve their sales.  This starts with a free one hour consultation to understand the issues and agree on an approach.  If, at the end of this hour, we don't think that we can help you or you don't want to continue, we can terminate the process there.  

If we are both happy to carry on, then we will agree a plan to move forwards.  This will typically involve the development of a sales strategy and plan which will take most of a day.   We will then schedule a series of coaching sessions over the next 6 months to monitor the work, develop new techniques, improve skills and provide feedback.  In addition, we will be available by phone and email for support between coaching sessions.

We will work on elements of the sales process identified during the consultation and in the strategy day.  We will also work on specific opportunities to develop the best approach and potentially attend joint meetings to provide direct feedback.

If you would like to arrange your free, one hour consultation, please sign up here.